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After a long career in Human Resources and workplace healthcare, Tom Allen enthusiastically embraced the challenge of helping companies regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission implement drug and alcohol testing programs to comply with regulations signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.

His company has been committed to improving the greater public safety and a strong and vibrant workforce by encouraging employers to build and maintain drug-free workplaces. He established Tom Allen Enterprises in 1991, quickly becoming a leader of the drug-and-alcohol-testing industry and a trusted name by companies seeking to be compliant with federal and state regulations.

The Tom Allen team’s secret to success was simple: its members recognized no two companies are alike and they concentrated on clearly understanding their clients’ unique business needs.

Today, from its headquarters in Holland, Michigan, Tom Allen’s reach extends into industries with global impact. Clients can count on having swift and personal contact with a highly experienced program administrator who understands their company and can step in on a moment’s notice to help navigate day-to-day concerns and extremely difficult situations that can profoundly disrupt any organization.

Workplace Safety & Employee Wellbeing

Employees who are not abusing substances are generally happier, healthier and more productive, while those who are can be a danger to themselves and others. Helping to keep your workplace safe from the harms of drug and alcohol abuse is good risk management — and it also can help attract and retain quality employees.

Drug Testing for Business Opportunity

We can help companies grow into new and bigger business opportunities by creating and managing drug policies and testing programs that are the best fit for their unique needs. We also help our clients avoid violations of federal law that could put them out of business.

Drug Testing for All Companies

Tom Allen Enterprises works across industries with companies that are mandated to follow federal laws — and those that are not, but want to maintain drug-free workplaces. We collaborate with a diverse spectrum of companies, catering to the unique needs and challenges inherent in each business.

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Laura Allen


Meet Laura ›

Meet Laura

When companies want an effective, efficient and compliant drug-testing program that meets their unique business needs, they contact Laura Allen.

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Involved since Day 1, Laura now presides over the company her father founded. She has worked tirelessly to build a business based on trusting relationships by creating the most knowledgeable, caring and service-oriented team in the drug-testing industry. Laura’s kindness and dedication to service help every Tom Allen client feel at ease as she customizes the testing programs that are right for their business. Her decades of professional experience in the workplace drug-testing industry help companies anticipate and prevent drug-related problems, decrease their risk and liabilities, comply with drug-free-workplace laws and address drug problems in the workplace.

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Annie Luckey

Director of Program Administration

Meet Annie ›

Meet Annie

Annie Luckey makes it her business to know your company’s drug-testing program needs before you do.

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Annie is a vital and longstanding member of the Tom Allen team. She has helped the company grow by keeping it on the cutting-edge of our industry with the implementation of technologies and business practices that help our clients have increasingly efficient and effective services. Because of her incredible attention to detail and creative problem-solving, Tom Allen clients know they can count on Annie to help navigate every challenge. When she isn’t in the office, Annie can be found outdoors or enjoying live music and beaches.

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Allie Cherfan, D.O.

Medical Review Officer

Meet Dr. Allie ›

Meet Dr. Allie Cherfan

Medical Review Officer Dr. Cherfan helps ensure the integrity of every drug-test result Tom Allen Enterprises delivers.

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A specialist in emergency medicine, Dr. Cherfan’s interest in becoming a Medical Review Officer sparked after she and her husband opened an occupational healthcare practice. She … In 2009, Dr. Cherfan completed a residency in Emergency Medicine in Garden City, Mich., and she is a graduate of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Penn. Dr. Cherfan enjoys spending time with her husband and their nine children. She loves the outdoors, animals, swimming and riding four-wheelers.

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Erin Wiley headshot

Erin Wiley

Productivity Specialist

Creator of new business opportunities for Tom Allen and out clients

Tessa Repp headshot

Tessa Repp

Program Administrator

Certified Specimen Collector & Breath and Alcohol Technician

Vicky Harrington headshot

Vicky Harrington

Administrative Assistant

Certified Specimen Collector & Breath and Alcohol Technician

Crafting Effective Workplace Drug Policies

A strong Workplace Drug Policy is the foundation of a secure and productive work environment. Our team can assist you in developing and implementing policies that align with federal regulations and your company's needs.