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Tom Allen Enterprises is ready to step in anytime. After hours. In emergencies. After an accident or incident.

The Tom Allen network includes thousands of collection and testing sites nationwide — and chances are very good one is near you. All Tom Allen technicians are trained and certified in accordance with federal procedures — known in the industry as 49 CFR Part 40 — for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs. Using federal standards as our guide ensures best practices are in place for our non-DOT clients, too.

Our collection, test processing and results reporting services include:

    For CDL holders, a valid driver's license number is required. Alternatively, non-CDL holders may use the last four digits of their Social Security Number, or an employer-issued ID #.
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    Crafting Effective Workplace Drug Policies

    A strong Workplace Drug Policy is the foundation of a secure and productive work environment. Our team can assist you in developing and implementing policies that align with federal regulations and your company's needs.