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Expert-Crafted Training Programs

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Our training programs are developed by top industry experts with a deep understanding of DOT regulations and compliance. You can trust Tom Allen Enterprises to empower your employees and supervisors with the knowledge they need to maintain a safe and drug-free workplace.

Professional Training From Industry Experts

Flexible Learning

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We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for training. Our training courses are designed to be flexible, allowing participants to learn at their own pace. This adaptability ensures that education is accessible and effective for everyone.

Comprehensive Curriculum

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Our training curriculum covers every aspect of DOT requirements, ensuring that your team is well-prepared to meet compliance standards. From drug and alcohol policies to testing procedures, our courses provide the essential knowledge needed to create a drug-free workplace.

Your Partner in DOT Training

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Tom Allen Enterprises is your trusted partner for DOT training. We are committed to helping you create a workplace that adheres to federal regulations and maintains safety. Contact us today to explore our training programs and empower your team with the knowledge they need.

DOT Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors

This course meets all FMCSA, PHMSA, FTA, FRA, FAA and USCG requirements for training on signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse. It qualifies supervisors to make the Reasonable Suspicion or Cause testing determination and guides them on how to document workplace concerns and communicate them.

DOT DER Training

An overview of DOT drug testing regulations for the Designated Employer Representative (DER). This course details key roles and responsibilities in drug testing, such as the Lab, the MRO and the Third-Party Administrator. It also helps DERs understand why and how to remove employees from safety-sensitive duties, reduce risk and ensure company compliance.

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    Crafting Effective Workplace Drug Policies

    A strong Workplace Drug Policy is the foundation of a secure and productive work environment. Our team can assist you in developing and implementing policies that align with federal regulations and your company's needs.