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drug test collection lab

Locate a Collection Site

We will help you find a collection site that is convenient for you. Make an appointment now and you will have little to no wait time when you arrive.

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Drug Test Results

To view test results, visit our secure test results portal. You will need a login we provide, so become a Tom Allen Enterprises client today. Clients can view their test results 24/7 via our secure client portal. 

drug abuse professional services

Substance Abuse Professional Services

Locate qualified, professional support through our partners at American Substance Abuse Professionals to help get your employee back to work.

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FMCSA Clearinghouse

In 2020, federal law changed to require all employers of commercial drivers — including Owner Operators — to register with the Clearinghouse. We provide compliance services a la carte or as part of a complete DOT Drug and Alcohol testing program.

Crafting Effective Workplace Drug Policies

A strong Workplace Drug Policy is the foundation of a secure and productive work environment. Our team can assist you in developing and implementing policies that align with federal regulations and your company's needs.